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Click below to get copies of our "Trail Talks". These "chat packs" are prompts for parents to ask their children about their KDT! trips. We hope these will provide another way to connect children's KDT! experiences to their homes! For more information read this article!
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2nd Grade
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5th Grade Cayuga Nature Center
5th Grade Lab of Ornithology

We want parents to become more aware of the KDT! program. We hope that you will keep parents informed about all aspects of your KDT! experience. Below are some links to sample notes to parents.
  • Here's a permission form (pdf) and (as a word doc) we encourage you to use with families. It also gives IPEI permission to use photos taken on the trip.

Teachers report that their experiences with volunteers are most successful when they have been clear about expectations prior to the trip. Below are links to forms you can use and ideas that other teachers have used!