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Kids Discover the Trail! is a collaboration between the Ithaca City School District, the Ithaca Public Education Initiative and the Discovery Trail. All three partners play important and distinct roles in designing, delivering and sustaining this program. Communication and cooperation between the partners is key to its success.

Ithaca City School District
The teachers of the Ithaca City School District have the responsibility of deciding if this program offers their students a solid and meaningful academic experience. If they decide they wish to participate, they are responsible for attending a planning meeting at which curriculum is planned, classroom partners are assigned and program logistics are reviewed. They collaborate with their partner teacher and the DT educator on planning the trip to the Discovery Trail site, arranging bus transportation and any special needs for their students. They are responsible for planning and coordinating with the Discovery Trail educators and their partner classroom teacher the pre and post visit activities designed to reinforce the curriculum aspects and further develop the social goals of the program.

The building administrators are responsible for providing whatever support they can to help teachers carry out their responsibilities.

Central office administrators are responsible for providing staff development budget support and for directing the BOCES returned aid for KDT! back to the program.

BOCES through its enrichment program is responsible for facilitating the application for and receipt of the appropriate NY State aid for cultural programs in support of this program.

The Ithaca Public Education Initiative
The Ithaca Public Education Initiative proposed the idea of the collaboration and provided leadership to establish it. IPEI is now responsible for playing a shared role in planning and administering the program through the Steering Committee and for raising money in the community to support it.

The Discovery Trail
The Discovery Trail organizations are responsible for collaborating with the teachers to design the curriculum, manage the logistics with the teachers and provide the program during the school visits.

All Partners
All partners are responsible for promoting and funding the program in whatever ways they can within their own organizations and among their stakeholders and for completing the evaluations to provide feedback on their experiences and suggestions for improvements.