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In a well run program communication is a key element for success. Kids Discover the Trail! employs many techniques to achieve the best possible results.
The KDT! steering committee includes a representative from all the different stakeholders in the organization: the president of IPEI and two additional IPEI board members, a Discovery Trail director, DT educators, DT/KDT coordinator, ICSD staff development director, BOCES coordinator of enrichment services, and an ICSD teacher & liaison coordinator. The committee meets monthly to discuss program issues, financial items and marketing.

A sample agenda is attached.

Memos of understanding are issued annually to each financial entity associated with KDT! For example each Discovery Trail site, BOCES, the evaluator and all administration. The purpose of these documents is to confirm partner responsibilities for which they receive a stipend, administrative fee or expense reimbursement.

A sample MOU is attached.

In addition to our monthly steering committee meetings KDT! follows an annual timeline for book ordering and distribution, scheduling of DT planning meetings and the DT educators also follow their own annual schedule.

The financial procedure with BOCES as well as payment of invoices also adheres to a schedule.