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The Planning Meeting!

Teachers must attend planning meetings to go on trips. If you are unable to attend please let your building liaison or Randi Beckmann know.

The Planning Meeting will be held on January 31st, 2018 at 2:30 at Northeast SchoolSnow Day February 7th!

Prior to the Planning Meeting you will

  • Find a buddy class from a school that feeds to the same middle school. The Teacher Liaison for KDT! Ithaca, Randi Beckmann will help new teachers and anyone else who wants help with this task. While we encourage ongoing partnerships that develop over time, there are times when we need to change partnerships due to numbers of schools and new teachers needing experienced partners
  • BJM, Belle Sherman, Northeast and Caroline Schools feed to Dewitt
    Enfield, Fall Creek, Cayuga Heights and South Hill Schools feed to Boynton
  • Receive a google doc to sign up for a date for your trip

At the Planning Meeting you will

  • Meet with your KDT educator and receive information about your trip
  • Partner the children in your class to foster relationships among children from different communities or choose a time to meet with your partner teacher to make buddies. Many teachers choose to buddy children during PEEL writing scoring sessions or other district meetings so that children with similar interests can be partnered. You can also consider partnering children who speak the same language to avoid isolation of non-native speakers on your trip.
  • Take an additional trip together!
  • Plan pre-trip activities
  • Decide which teacher will order the bus
  • Alert the Discovery Trail educator and partner teacher to special needs in your classroom including ESL, special accommodations needed and peanut allergies to name a few!
  • Plan curricular activities

Please bring your plan book, class list and calendar to this meeting.