KDT! Ithaca is a program funded by the the Discovery Trail, Ithaca Public Education Initiative and Ithaca City School District that takes all Pre-K through Fifth grade children in the Ithaca City School District on field trips to one of the eight Discovery Trail sites each school year. In addition to the special curricular programming that is planned for each grade level, KDT! experiences also have a social component. Visits to DT sites are made by two classrooms from different elementary schools at the same time. The goal is for students to get to know others from different geographic and cultural parts of our district so when they meet in middle school there is more understanding, respect and connection. All elementary students in the Ithaca City School District participate in the program.

The Goals of the KDT! Ithaca Program are to:

  • Enhance classroom learning through experience-based programs.
  • Provide equal access to Discovery Trail sites.
  • Promote understanding and respect among elementary students from different neighborhoods.
  • Expand community awareness of the resources of the Discovery Trail.
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By integrating learning across diverse fields including art, science, botany, history, literature, nature, ornithology and paleontology, this program aims to make a connection between classroom learning and life; and to foster lifelong learning by encouraging students to return with family and friends to Discovery Trail sites.

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