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For Follow up ideas that are specific to your grade level trip please go to Ideas for your Site

Thank You Notes
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Many classrooms use traditional thank you notes to show appreciation
for the Discovery Trail site they have visited or to Ithaca Public Education
Initiative, IPEI, who funded your trip. To avoid postage fees, you may send thank you notes to IEPI via school mail to Randi Beckmann at the Belle Sherman Annex. She will make sure that the notes get to IPEI!

Writing a thank you letter requires the sender to reflect upon their day and to consider why they are thankful. They may think about what made their day special and
and what happened to make their day a little more enjoyable.
Voice Thread
For a voice thread example go to Alison Provan's Voice Thread (It will open in a new window.)
For directions on how to use voice thread click here or ask your tech mentor for help!

Blogs are easy to use and a simple way to write for real audiences. This is also a terrific way to communicate with parents who have internet access

Here is an example from Pat Gaines visit to the Eight Square School House click here