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The KDT Books ! program started during the 2007-2008 school year when a portion of DT sites received funding through IPEI and other sources to provide each student with a grade level appropriate and site specific book. We were fortunate enough to expand the program during the 2008-2009 school year to include each student in grades pre-K through fifth grades. These books are integrated into the curriculum both at school and during the site field trip and provide an additional link to the home.

A list of books by grade level and accompanying activities is available in the Teacher section of this wiki.

The DT educators are working with the classroom teachers, liaison coordinator and Family Reading Partnership to help integrate the book into the classroom and DT site curriculum as well as increase book awareness at home.

In addition to receiving the book each student receives a book activity flier which includes suggested activities and books plus a letter for their parent/caregiver describing the KDT! program.

How are the KDT! books used at different Discovery Trail sites:

Lab of O – Each student receives a copy of the field guide provided by the Lab to use during the pre-trip and field trip activities. The students do not bring their personal bird guides on the field trip.

JMA - In the past we have put together additional materials to accompany the book to be used by the families. Last year we had packets of colors and shapes as well as frames that could be used with the book by the students.

Sciencenter - Here is a copy of the parent letter:

TCPL - Students receive a library card and application form, a family activity sheet, and a bookmark of other titles for Kindergartners.

Resource materials accompany each student's book to their home. Here is an example of a book activity flier and the parent/caregiver flier.

3rd grade Cornell Plantations: Parent/caregiver flier: