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Name Tags
  • Please use the name tags provided to write a child's name and the buddy's name. Bring extra name tags with you in case you need to reconfigure partnerships due to absences.
  • Make groups when necessary. Some teachers color code name tags for easy group identification.

Prepare the children to meet their buddies
  • Generate excitement about meeting buddies.
  • Review the names of the children's partners.
  • Tell the children they will be sitting with their buddy on the bus.
  • Teach the children how to start and maintain a conversation. Third and fourth grade have Second Step lessons about this topic.
  • Make children aware of differences they may experience when meeting their partners, ie English language learners, different clothing, children with differing abilities, etc.
On the day of the trip, don't forget to bring...
  • A first aid kit and medicines provided by the nurse.
  • Emergency contact information for the children in your class.
  • Lunches if necessary.
  • Extra name tags
  • A list of the children in your class and their buddies